• How many surgeries have you done?
  • How many people, on average, do you decline every year for laser eye surgery?
  • Will you use wavefront technology to diagnose what corrective surgery I need?
  • Will you do a contract sensitivity test before and after the procedure?
  • Will you measure the thickness of my cornea before a decision about surgery is made?
  • How many of your patients have 20/40 vision after their procedure?
  • How many of your patients have 20/20 vision after their procedure?
  • What is your complication rate? Is it much higher or lower than the national average?
  • Do you perform the surgery right in your office, or at another location?
  • Has your office (or other clinic) ever had an outbreak of eye infections?
  • What will my vision be like in the weeks following surgery?
  • How long is the recovery period?
  • What happens if a complication arises after my surgery?
  • When enhancements are needed, is there an extra charge?
  • What is your cut-off date for enhancement after surgery?
  • Will you complete a full examination of my eyes before and after the procedure?
  • How often will you examine my eyes after surgery?
  • Can I get the names of at least four past patients that have had the exact same surgery I’m having done? Can I contact them?

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