Implantable Lenses

Implantable Lens

Implantable Lens

Implantable lenses are becoming very popular for people who suffer from nearsightedness and who want a more permanent option for vision treatment. The implants look very much like contact lenses and they are located in one of two places: between the cornea and the iris; or just behind the iris.

Implantable lenses are very comfortable to wear and most patients can’t even feel them and they are similar to the artificial lenses that are used in cataract surgery.

Patients who have thin corneas and aren’t a viable candidate for other types of laser eye surgery are good candidates for implantable lenses; and it’s said that this type of surgery can often even be more effective than LASIK.

Most patients feel very comfortable after the procedure, although some do feel a slight scratchiness. Usually resting at home the day of the surgery is recommended by the surgeon and a follow-up appointment is needed the next day.

However, there are some risks involved with implantable lenses as well. Some of these are: a chance of the retina detaching; losing cells in the thin layer inside the cornea; as well as inflammation, infection, and cataracts.

Another huge advantage that implantable lenses have over LASIK eye surgery is that it’s reversible. If the surgery doesn’t work out, the lens can simply be taken out.

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