Mechanism of Lasik Technology

LASIK Technology

With the recent technological developments, LASIK is indeed a safe and rapid procedure involving basically four steps under the supervision of an experienced eye surgeon.

LASIK-Cornea11. Creation of your optical map- Similar to your fingerprints, your eyes are exclusive. To achieve perfect vision, the underlying errors causing diminished visual acquity should be specifically determined. The use of Zywave II Wavefront barometer by Dr. Michael A McMann, to map digitally for the detection of exclusive errors in each eye, provides accurate results. This technological development explains the 3D map in details about the corneal surface, which is developed into a digital therapeutic program for the performance of your LASIK procedure.

LASIK-Cornea22. Creation of the Corneal Flap – Creation of a corneal flap is necessary before the application of the laser to your cornea. Zyoptix XP Microkeratome is used by Dr. McMann for this stage. According to astute LASIK surgeons, the use of a laser during this stage is ideal. Dr. McMann feels differently, because the recovery is faster with the microkeratome, as a sterile separation of the tissue is possible following replacement. A series of tiny bubbles are created by a laser under the surface of your cornea. Hence, the flap is “peeled” by the surgeon just similar to separation of Velcro, thus resulting in a delayed recovery.

LASIK-Cornea33. Corneal Reshaping – The excimer laser is utilized for corneal reshaping into a spherical shape, following the gentle folding back of the flap. The Technolas 217z Zyoptix Wavefront system of laser is used by Dr. McMann. With the development of this laser, removal of a minute bit of tissue is required by the majority of patients – thickness being similar to that of a human hair – for the required rectification. This whole process requires only minutes for each eye. During this technique, patients may experience little strain on their eyes. Nevertheless, rubbing your eyes, using contacts, or removal of contacts will usually lead to increased strain when compared to LASIK vision correction.

LASIK-Cornea44. Replacement of the Corneal Flap – Following reshaping of the cornea, the flap is wrapped and replaced; and here it gets bonded with the tissue immediately. Recovery is fast, and majority of patients can resume normal activity on that day itself.

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