Few Reasons To Have Lasik Eye Surgery

Vision correction is a technique that started with glasses and then contacts. The first indications of this science are more than 7 centuries old. Still today, there are usually 2 main motivators for us to want vision correction:

• Increasing Our Quality of Vision
• Improving Our Quality of Everyday Life

Glasses and contacts do work to correct our vision, but the repair, maintenance and ongoing expense do not make them ideal. As well, they don’t fix the root cause of our vision difficulties. Really they are just an interim fix and are one more thing to look after every day.

LASIK eye surgery versus Glasses

Lasik Eye SurgeryBesides always getting misplaced, glasses are an annoyance and are troublesome. We have to worry about them being scratched, breaking and fogging up in hot or cold weather. Even if they don’t get lost, they go out of style quickly. Nothing says out of style like an old pair of glasses. When you think about it, we are still using the same methods to make glasses as we did many years ago.
After LASIK eye surgery, can you get rid of your glasses for good? LASIK will give you clear vision for a long time. In fact, you can do without glasses for a long time if you are younger when you get LASIK. With the normal effects of aging called Presbyopia, you may need glasses to read as you reach forty or more. But you will not have to worry about nearsightedness, astigmatism and farsightedness.

Benefits of LASIK vs. Contacts

Lasik Eye Surgery - ContactsWhile contacts are an improvement over glasses, they come with their own problems. Red, sore, itchy, tearing eyes can result from wearing contacts. As well contacts are easily lost or misplaced and sometimes feel like they are glued to your eyes. Then there is forgetting to take them out and the ongoing expense of cleaning and storage solutions. Does this sound familiar?

Once you have LASIK you can forget about all these bothers and annoyances for good.

Here are some reactions from those who used contacts and then had LASIK, including the problems with contacts and the enjoyment of LASIK:

The clock consideration – Sometimes, small things can mean so much. Many patients who have had LASIK comment on how nice it is to wake up in the morning and be able to see the alarm clock right away without squinting or glasses. They say how this is a delightful way to begin and carry on throughout the day.

Risk associated with extended contact wear – In the recent past the FDA has announced more and more warnings concerning the extended use of contacts along with the associated risks. This is becoming very troubling. Some studies have shown that there is a 5X less risk with LASIK versus contacts. It is not to say that wearing contacts is unsafe, it only suggests that you should look at all aspects before you choose LASIK.

Lack of Restrictions for Water Sports – This is where we start the benefits of LASIK. Naturally, you can’t wear regular glasses while participating in regular sports and water sports make wearing contacts dangerous or at least limiting. After LASIK, you can swim, boat, ski and dive to your heart’s content.

Your Looks – With LASIK you can look as good as you feel. Many people hesitate to put this comment in their enjoyment list, because contacts will do the same thing, but the difficulties and possible hazards of contacts make them less desirable.

Safety – How many times has we heard the words, “Stand still!” as someone drops to the ground trying to find a lost contact. The biggest issue is that you can’t see to find the contact, because you need the contact to see. It might not be a big problem at home, but if it happens when you are driving your vehicle, that a much more serious problem.

Unrestricted – You may only think about this benefit if you have to travel often. After LASIK you no longer have to be concerned about remembering everything you need for you contacts – cleaning solutions, sterilizing solutions, spare lenses, irrigating solutions, etc. Don’t forget that you can also stay up late or take a little nap whenever you want and still get up a 6 am all without thinking about having your contacts glued to your eye.

Normal Vision – The biggest advantage of LASIK isn’t always noticed immediately. Then all of a sudden you realize that you can see clearly without glasses or contact, exactly as you were meant to.

Vision improvements over contacts – Most LASIK patients say they have better vision than when they wore glasses or contacts. By their design and makeup, soft contact lenses cannot fully correct astigmatism and do not provide the clear vision that is achieved with Custom LASIK. Custom LASIK solves the unique abnormalities of the cornea that cause myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. So it not surprising that LASIK eye surgery results are usually better than wearing contacts.

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