The Lasik Consultation

The Objective of the LASIK Consultation is twofold: Firstly, to clear all your doubts, and secondly, to ensure that LASIK is ideal for your eyes. At Michael A McMann MD, you’re treated like an individual and “real” person. Hence, we won’t offer you the typical commercial pitch or high pressure sales techniques. We want to ensure that we have answered all your inquiries and specific doubts so that you can make an informed decision.

Hawaii LASIK Michael A McMann consultationEasing Your Heart

Before opting for the LASIK technique, we expect countless queries and doubts to arise in your mind.
Our first measure is to give you a detailed explanation about the technique, ensure that you are well-acquainted amd aware about the whole process, and to ensure that all your queries are answered appropriately. LASIK being a greatly precised technology, the basic variable is belief and comfort of the patient. We will take care especially, to provide you a complete knowledge about the entire procedure and how you can benefit from LASIK.

The Examination

The following screening tests will be performed by our expert technicians: a study about your medical history, a map of your complete cornea, and an investigation of your corneal thickness. These entire investigations will provide us a correct mapping of your cornea. Your suitability for LASIK will be determined, only after the completion of all these.

Interpretation of the Results

This is the time to determine whether you are an ideal candidate for LASIK. We will give you an explanation of the results of the investigations, and make you understand whether you are an ideal person for this procedure, or there would be a better option. Determination of being an ideal person for the procedure or not is the main objective of the consultation. If you wish to know about our financing facilities and our 20/20 fund repayment Guarantee, we will explain them with pleasure.

If necessary, you can schedule your surgery immediately (that’s not a problem for us), or you can go back to your home and decide later. Verification that you’re a candidate, has been completed by us – now you have got to decide whether to opt for this procedure or not.

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